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TikTok's Social Media and Content Marketing Agency

The Story

We worked with the TIkTok For Business Team to launch their TikTok Channel for South East Asia in order to enable businesses, brands and agencies to get the most out of TikTok.


The Strategy

We wanted to use TikTok’s own platform to reach brands and businesses. We set out to demonstrate creativity and position TikTok as an effective and trusted entertainment platform. We developed the content strategy and collaborated with the TikTOk team through workshops to hone in on a content and engagement strategy that achieves our objectives.


The Content

To announce the launch of the SEA channel, we created a fun and joyful video featuring the best of TIkTok from across South East Asia. We now produce monthly content that achieve. Overall, our content sets out to inspire our audience and encourage them to experiment with TIkTok. It demonstrate how to use TikTok tools to easily create effective and engaging content. It also showcases case studies and interviews from creators, businesses and brands.


The Content

We create a variety of content ranging from TikToks and videos to infographics for brands to discover how they can tell compelling stories on TikTok. Our content educates and inspires brands to get the most out of TikTok.


TikTok #ForYou Summit South East Asia

TikTok has heralded a new age of entertainment. Users come to TikTok for the joy and positivity. If you want to be successful on TikTok, you must tap into this feeling. TikTok created a digital event, #ForYou summit, for brands to discover how they can leverage this new channel. Industry leaders and market experts from the likes of McDonald's, Netflix and many more attended the event and shared their insights. We helped TikTok get this message out across social media.


The Results

We grew fans by 118% in our first year with an average click-through rate of 11.71%.