The Weirdest Community Management Queries We’ve Ever Received

By Aysen M on 24 March 2020

In an increasingly digital world, every brand needs to be prepared for online conversations - from positive feedback or complaints to the down-right weird and ridiculous requests. For instance, getting locked in a bathroom and turning to social media instead of trying to contact a member of staff. Yes, that really did happen. 

Encouraging positive sentiment and feedback from consumers’ good experiences is ultimately an important part of any brand’s online strategy. Unfortunately, not everything in life runs smoothly - but your customer service practices shouldn’t be one of them. That’s what community management teams are for. 

Not only do community managers have the challenging job taking of control of customer service and actively joining in conversations that relate to your brand, but they also need to be on top of their game when it comes to driving engagement, offering help and advice where they can and sometimes, dealing with a crisis.

When it's time to get out of your shell

Customer: Hi, I need your help.

Community Manager: Hello, how can we assist you today?

Customer: … I was just wondering if a tortoise counts as a support animal?

When you desperately need a slushie

Customer: Hello…

Community Manager: Hi, how can we help you?

Customer: Where is the nearest 7-Eleven?

Community Manager: I’m sorry sir, we don’t have 7-Eleven in this country.

Customer: But, WHY?

When your bathroom break takes a little too long

Customer: Hello!

Community Manager: Hi, how can we help?

Customer: I’m stuck in the bathroom…can you send someone, please?

Community Manager: Have you tried to contact a member of staff?

Customer: No, I don’t have the telephone number…

Ultimately, it’s knowing how to manage queries effectively and how to deliver a guest experience your customers will remember. But sometimes, just like gold dust, you’ll come across a query that leaves you completely dumbfounded or in fits of laughter. 

Continue reading to enjoy some more of our favourite responses from brands that have nailed their online sense of humour.

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