#EverydayMoments Data Visualisation for Twitter

Our work with Twitter

We've worked with Twitter to produce B2B content that makes the case for advertisers, agencies and businesses that Twitter is the right platform for them, including How Stories Break and Further Faster. This case study showcases the Further Faster with Twitter microsite.

The #EverydayMoments Story

55% of users tweet about what they are doing right now and 80% of Twitter users tweet from their mobile phones.

Brands that want to be relevant on the platform need to adopt an always-on strategy — those that do, compared to brands who adapt a campaign-focused strategy, achieve better results overall.

The Experience

We created #EverydayMoments, a campaign visualising everyday moments and conversations on Twitter in the UK. We undertook the development of the user experience, creative and technical development of the project for Twitter. Users can choose from a variety of everyday conversations to see the rhythm and pulse of Tweets about that topic throughout the week. For example, switching on the train filter, you can see the train lines forming during rush hour (screenshots below). More people tweet about Coronation Street in the north of England than south and vice versa for Eastenders. Football takes over the country on a Saturday afternoon and is more popular than rugby.


The Results

The campaign reached over 303k users.