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10 Questions x 10 Creators: Laura Deller

In this edition, DIY-focused creator Laura Deller speaks with us about how sharing her renovation experience has motivated her and what she predicts for the future of influencer marketing.

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Step Up Your Game: Influencer Fee Benchmarks For 2023

The influencer marketplace is saturated, but knowing your worth can set you apart. Take part in our survey and we will give you access to an exclusive report that will help you refine your pricing model and gain a competitive edge.    

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Social Media Updates, an App for Collectors, and More!

Stay in the loop with this week's updates: Connectible launches as a haven for collectors, X gives users control over video quality, YouTube experiments with a Community Notes feed, Snapchat revamps Bitmojis and introduces Phantom House, and Adobe MAX focuses on AI innovations.

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Hospitality Social Media Strategies: The Rising Role of User-Generated Content

This article outlines UGC, how it’s evolved and the ways hospitality can leverage it.

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Hotel Marketing Ad Types and Inspiration to Help Increase Hotel Revenue

While there are many objectives for marketers and hotel owners, increasing revenue is always the top priority. Here, we break down the many ways to increase revenue using digital marketing for hotels.

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The Dos and Don'ts of TikTok Content Marketing for Hotels

A TikTok marketing dos and don’ts guide for hotel brands.

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Apple’s creative content marketing campaign, 'Shot on iPhone' for iPhone 15 and its evolution throughout the years

With the latest iPhone 15 drop, comes a new batch of “Shot on iPhone” content. With every iPhone release, this creative content marketing campaign showcases how powerful the new cameras are. Let’s take a look at how this campaign started and evolved.

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Breaking the Mould: Creative Content Marketing Tactics from Brands on Social Media

In this article, we’ll be looking at how brands are standing out for their wild social media accounts as part of their creative content marketing strategy.

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10 Questions x 10 Creators: Tiq Zulkifli

Tiq Zulkifli is a family-focused content creator. In this edition of 10 Creators x 10 Questions, she speaks with us about the perks and challenges of being a mum and an influencer.

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