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Everybody is Living in a Custard Cream

Tesco’s Custard Cream spread, otherwise known as 2014’s answer to all of our prayers, may well change life as we know it FOREVER. But just imagine how wonderful the world would be with a cupboardful of these nifty items too...

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Click here to see something you won’t believe, Instagram introduces Hyperlapse and Twitter makes every man a brand with their new analytics.

Facebook — no more click-bait Facebook announced, this week, that ‘You’ll NEVER believe…‘ is a headline that will soon be disappearing from your feed as they cut down on click-baiting headlines. The clampdown wi

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#EverydayMoments on Twitter – a Teaser

We're looking forward to launching #EverdayMoments, a new project for Twitter. #EverydayMoments is a visualisation of Tweets featuring everyday topics in the UK during an average week. Here's a teaser screen showing conversations featuring "football" v "rugby" on a Saturday afternoon.

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