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Five favourites from the week when everyone jumped on the Fifty Shades bandwagon

It’s that time of week again when we pay homage to the sites, memes and digital bundles of joy that have made us smile or guffaw all over the office floor. Introducing, our five favourites from the week…

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Five favourites from the week that brought us 'Left Shark'

What a difference a week makes. January came to a much-needed end, February brought us sub-zero temperatures and Perez Hilton was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House. But enough about that, here are five of our favourite things from the week that has been...

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Importance of pre-testing in advertising

Some of the most successful ads have bombed in pre-testing. Do we need a new model for predicting real-world success?

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LC:M AW15 or the menswear fashion week reflections

As the menswear AW15 season came to an end with the final show in Paris, all the boys headed home on trains and planes without enough leg room, photographers rested sore hands and eyes, bloggers took a break from an #AW15 tag-flooded Instagram and everyone suddenly became very busy catching up on

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Guardian gets the Tweets, WhatsApp launches on the web and Facebook knows you pretty well...

You made it through the most depressing day of the year (Monday 19th January, apparently) and now the Friday finish is here. As a Friday treat, why not grab yourself a beer, sit back, and have a read through a recap of the week in digital.

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A review of the Year In Reviews from around the web

It’s the time of year when we reflect on ourselves and the year that has been.

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